LoveJasPR Services

♥   Public Relations/ Marketing Consulting

Do you need Public Relations, a marketing campaign, or an idea to take your brand to the next level? LoveJasPR offers hour sessions to get to know your brand and provides customized solutions to reach your goals. 

♥  Public Relations Strategy

What is your message? Who are you targeting? LoveJasPR helps identify, develop, & meet your goals by asking targeted questions to get your brand noticed by the audiences that need to hear from you most.. After an initial getting to know you and the brand session,  we provide a comprehensive solution to meet your brand goals with quarterly check-ins to make sure you're on the right track.

♥   LoveJasPR Resources

PR Checklist Made with Love

Get Noticed - Branding in an Oversaturated Market

Ask about customized resources to fit the specific needs of your brand