Women Making History: Sure Media Group

Hey Love,

It’s DeAnne here, founder of Sure Media Group, LLC -- home of The Sure Alliance and A Place for Allies. We’re here to help amplify your vision while helping you construct a consistent social identity.

Every day I wake up, I’m inspired by so many things. I was created in the image of my Creator, so it’s only right that I create as well.

During my 4 years of building a bold brand, I’ve learned about the importance of connection and diversifying my skillset. As Sure Media Group expanded, I learned to allow others to help me giving me the opportunity to do so much more! As a result, I’ve realized the art of time and project management. As a result, I’ve been able to expand my offerings to include copywriting and design.

How did I get my brand’s message out there? Besides word of mouth and social media, Sure Media Group has connected with a really great network of people advocating for us, including LoveJasPR. I really lean on the support of other professionals, especially women that are either going through similar challenges or have already been through it. It’s always good to have people in the trenches with you, but even better to have those that made it out help you out as well.

I hope you gain a little love and inspiration this month! Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

With Love,

DeAnne, Sure Media Group