Women Making History: Markitta In Your Business

Hey Love,

At the end of February my company, Markitta In Your Business, expanded from its original YouTube series and launched a podcast. The podcast piggybacks off of the YouTube series and interviews women like us who are making history! My hope is to inspire others by using my gift of gab while creating a network of women that uplift and support each other in everything related to business and entrepreneurship.

After moving from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, I went through a total 180° in every area of my life -- health, spirituality, career, and finance. As I started to share my experience and what I learned through my wins and challenges,  I felt a calling to share with a broader audience to help inspire a network of women who consequently support each other.

When I launched the Youtube series in 2016, I was scared out of my mind. I was always the behind the scenes type of girl, always pushing others forward but this time it was all on me. I was able to build a bold brand by being as consistent as possible in my work. I decided that I would post every week to build brand awareness. I networked and collaborated with my interviewees and gained support from their following. To be honest, I am still in the process of building my brand. Social media was a big part of getting my content out there. When I first started, I was depending solely on social media to share my content. As I continue grow and learn more about marketing, I’ve made sure to lead my followers to my website so that they join my email list for access to exclusive content.

My business is based on entrepreneurship and transformational growth, so I seek out communities in those areas to collaborate. While networking on and off line, I’ve realized Facebook groups are extremely helpful to connect but I also believe that going to physical networking events are important because people get to connect with the real you.  

Want some business inspiration? Check out the podcast here and stay in touch via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With Love,

Markitta …. In your Business