Women Making History: The Dating Advice Girl

Hey Love,

Well after 10 years, I think I can share some advice on how I empower singles in the dating process. It all started when I noticed singles fearing, loathing, and even in some cases avoiding the dating process. After regularly coaching singles, I decided to pursue it as a career and share what I know about the dating process to help singles maintain a positive outlook while not losing themselves while navigating through the dating scene.

While building my bold brand, social media and my website have been my best friend. I can't imagine doing it without the internet at my disposal. Most client leads, speaking opportunities, and media inquiries come to me via social media or emails/calls through my website.

Like most entrepreneurs, I had some challenges including turning marketing into sales and knowing when to let go of an idea that just isn't working. In both cases, it's been important to try things out, stick with strategies that work and let go of strategies that don’t. It can be difficult to cut out an idea or strategy, especially if you've worked really hard on it or believe in it wholeheartedly but if something isn't working and it's hurting more than it's helping, you have to let it go.   

A great gift in entrepreneurship is meeting and brainstorming with other entrepreneurs and dating/relationship industry professionals. I always feel inspired after interacting with college students because they bring a fresh perspective about what how different dating can be compared to when I was in college. Talking to young singles keeps me on my toes as I learn about new trends and issues in building relationships.

As I continue to grow as a coach, my listening skills are constantly improving. A lot of coaching is listening and I find that a lot of my clients just need someone to listen to them. Being invited to speak at conventions and lead workshops on college campuses across the country has motivated me to sharpen my speaking and presenting skills and about a year ago, I received my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certification which has given me access to more skills and techniques to use when coaching clients.

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With Love,