Executing A Smart Strategy

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Most ambitious people take on way too much, way too soon which turns into an overwhelming feeling. But, when you start to strategize and prioritize goals and the necessary actions to attain them, things become a little more manageable. 

"Do small things with great love" - Mother Teresa

Smart strategies are all about putting in place systems for success. That means taking action and doing the work. Whether that is using the outlines you've created in Q1 to now flesh out the meat of your book or filming the webisodes for your YouTube channel, let's get to work! We're sure you've heard of S.M.A.R.T goals but this quarter, we're going to apply that to creating actionable items that you can profit from.

S: Create your Strategy by thinking of the over all goal and breaking it into the steps you need to take.  
M: Make sure your Messaging aligns with your Mission.
A: Be Accountable of your Action items, keep a schedule and abide by it.
R: Re-evaluate your actions. Is your audience connecting with the Resources you are providing?
T: Is there anyone you can Team up with to spread awareness of your brand? Connections are important in building a business.

When it comes to Public Relations, strategies to build brand awareness and tell your story can be as simple or complex as you'd like. Consider the following strategies to help execute your goals, and as always, LoveJasPR is here to help you flesh out any idea you may be considering.

Media Relations - Tell your story to the ones who spread new, Journalist

Community Events - Engage with your local market by sharing what you have to offer

Influencer Marketing - Tap into your target audience by connecting with the people they follow on social channels and have influence on buying decisions

Content Integration - Tell you story through guest blog post, social media collaborations, webinars, and podcasts

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