Building A Bold Brand

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In 2015, I wrote “This is Not a One Night Stand” to share the importance of nurturing relationships between clients and journalist. The post could also apply to the relationship between your brand and those who subscribe to the work and ideas that make up your brand. In the post, I gave advice that I didn’t follow myself. LoveJasPR was a fling for a while. I put in little effort and was okay with half ass results. It was something I toyed around with to establish a platform for freelance work, but what I failed to do was build a solid brand. How amazing and bold could LoveJasPR be in 2017 if I had put in the amount of TLC a brand needs to thrive since its inception? Well let’s see!

This year, my goal is to take you through a journey of what a functioning and profitable brand can look like. All it takes is passion, persistence, and of course good Public Relations. This quarter we are going to work on Building A Bold Brand.

A brand is what your audience thinks and feels when they come into contact with your business but the key to success this year is to level up and be bold. Bold brands educate, entertain, and empower its audience in a captivating way. It does not stay within the status quo but dares to push boundaries to make memorable impressions.

When building bold brands, think of what your work stands for. What is the most important message you want to share with your audience? For example, LoveJasPR’s is with passion, purpose, and great Public Relations you can create a profitable brand. As a brand, LoveJasPR doesn’t directly state this message but through interactions with current and potential clients, investors, the media, and its online audience, that message gets across.

Public Relations has a huge role in building a bold brand. It is the PR goal to build relationships with stakeholders but most importantly PR efforts should spread the bold messages your brand stands for.

Public Relations for a Bold Brand

Create your own traditions

What can you do that no other brand has yet tried? Start with thinking about what separates you from the competition and create from there!

Be creative when telling your story

The best videos go viral in the matter of hours but start thinking about how you can create compelling content in the age of 360 video and virtual reality.

Ignore the trends and pitch uniqueness

It’s easy to build ideas off of a story already in the news or pitch a new angle of a story already told. Catch the media’s attention by pitching why your brand is unique and the best, if not only, option. Be bold in your efforts!

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