LoveMovies: Acrimony

Acrimony - Tyler Perry Taraji P Henson.jpg

Written, Produced, and Directed by Tyler Perry.

It seems like Tyler Perry is feeling a bit of Acrimony with the rise of excellent black art in Hollywood outshining his past works. Don't get me wrong, I love Tyler Perry but Acrimony was shot in 8 days on a $20M budget. The work reflected it. 

It's a Tyler Perry story, his obsession with emotionally unstable black women and their failed relationships. 

I would have loved to see Tyler really develop a story that reflected the magic, depth, and complexities of Black women instead of his usual woe is me, angry black women narrative which is problematic in itself. It's as if Tyler refuses to see the light in Black women and our favorite Taraji P. Henson doesn't mind. We all love when Taraji is playing an aggressive character but like, Proud Mary aggressive. I want her to move on from being a tragicita (noun: a woman of any age who consistently falls for men who brings tragic baggage) for the sake of our time and her career. We have so much proof that Taraji's talent has developed and can stand on its own and I just would like the same for Tyler. I want to see him grow and stop spewing this horrible image of black women. 

So, what's the lesson from Acrimony? Robert (Lyriq Bent) shouldn’t have married the girl who confused being weak and being a DAB (Down Ass Bitch), that couldn't control her emotions? He should've not capitalized off of the weakness and focused on his dreams alone so that when he gets success, there is a beautiful woman that will come along to share the glory with? Because time and time again, Tyler has taught us through almost every film that men are trash. 

The story was predictable and at best, the style of the film was thought out. Although half-way annoying, Mel (Taraji P. Henson) narrating the film by talking to her therapist that we could've easily confused with Siri was a creative touch. I loved the Nina Simone references throughout the film, especially with the introduction to their love being "I Put a Spell on You." Again, predictable not highly creative but things to notice.  

Why did Tyler Perry and Lionsgate release Acrimony? In my opinion to capitalize off of the chatter around black creatives producing amazing work. But he dropped the ball.

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