Cuz' It's Levels to this Pitch

Hey Love,

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There is an art and science to pitching media. The art is crafting an amazing story that your target audience needs at that specific moment in time. The science, is what we're covering today. The science of pitching media is all based on your network of journalist, follow along while I break it down:

The Relationship

Who speaks to your target audience? Build relationships and understand the tone of the journalist that speak to your topic. What are you pitching? Stand out by diversifying your message and providing a story creates a positive change in behavior of your target audience. Work on building solid media relationships then expand. Think of your media list as an evolving 60/40 list, 60% of your media list should be solid relationships of journalist that would most likely feature your story, 30% should be introductions to yourself and brand.

Play Friend or Foe

Yes they write about your industry, but what are they writing? What is their opinion? Are they very critical? Do they publish everything that comes there way? Don't tarnish your brand by pitching to the wrong publication.

Keep in touch

Public Relations is all about genuine relationships. It's easy to maintain transactional relationships, but when you have people personally invested in your brand, the work is that much easier. Make a habit of checking in and staying up to date on what the journalist is publishing and where they are publishing. Comment and engage with their brand and they will do the same. Keep a media tracker, separate from your pitch list, that includes who your contacts are, their beat, the last time you reached out and what it was about.

With Love,