MIMH: Mara Brock Akil

A mentor in Hollywood is hard to come across, so thank you for being a mentor in my head. I decided to write these interviews as a simple exercise to think about what needs to be asked to from someone who wants to “make it in Hollywood” but then I realized how exciting it would be if the question got answered. But first...

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Staying Fresh in an Oversaturated Market

Hey Love,

Like any other year, we start out with the best intentions to stay consistent, relevant and motivated in our work. However, life happens and things get dull. LoveJasPR kept its 2017 commitment up until March, so I’m not one to really preach about consistency. However, I can preach (or write with intelligence) about staying fresh and relevant when there is so much to consume on the interwebs.

Towards the end of 2017 I deleted my social media apps. I still have the accounts (Follow @LoveJasPR), but they’re stagnant and I’m not consuming content from them. Why? Several reasons, but for the purposes of this note -- there is too much content that doesn’t excite, inspire, or cause me to act. If a PR/ Marketing professional who lives and breathes this stuff shut down her social media, what do you think your customers are doing? This year I offer some you advice to keep your brand fresh both on and offline, stand out by channeling your inner Rihanna or Queen Bey, have a different but valid opinion, fight the status quo, break boundaries and be bold.

Wishing you a fresh 2018!




Women Making History: The Dating Advice Girl

Well after 10 years, I think I can share some advice on how I empower singles in the dating process. It all started when I noticed singles fearing, loathing, and even in some cases avoiding the dating process. After regularly coaching singles, I decided to pursue it as a career and share what I know about the dating process to help singles maintain a positive outlook while not losing themselves while navigating through the dating scene.

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Women Making History: Markitta In Your Business

At the end of February my company, Markitta In Your Business, expanded from its original YouTube series and launched a podcast. The podcast piggybacks off of the YouTube series and interviews women like us who are making history! My hope is to inspire others by using my gift of gab while creating a network of women that uplift and support each other in everything related to business and entrepreneurship.

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